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We buy houses $cash- Pretty or Ugly within 7 business days


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Real Estate Hub LLC - We buy houses in Lehigh Acres FL


We are Real Estate Hub llc. We are an independent  business  entity in association with Fidelity House Buyers,  leaders in helping families in need of a hand saving or selling their house, thus eliminating the stress and anxieties normally associated with these matters. FHB  has been training companies like ours for over 22 years and we are proud to have been. They have been successfully responsible for the purchasing and reselling of many thousands of homes here in the US and abroad. their innovation of buying and selling on terms is well sought after.   dg.buysyourhouse.com  ( for important Info.)

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Whatever your situation we can quickly buy your house in 7 days and get you on your way to your life. you may be facing a Job Relocation, Divorce, Downsizing, Inheritance, Tax Burden, Foreclosure etc. We will help to educate you on the matter and give you the best options on selling your house at a fair price.

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Real Estate Hub LLC - Sell my house fast in Lehigh Acres FL


We buy Houses in Lehigh Acres FL, main motto of our Real Estate services. From the moment you “contact us, we will be holding your hands if need be, to the completion of your walking away from the house that sheltered you and your family for the period of time it did. This chapter has ended successfully, your house is sold and another chapter and key will be handed you for life’s continuance. If you are considering a “For Sale By Owner” sign, call us instead, you may not want to tackle such a task.

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Have Your House Sold In 7 Days Or LESS, Regardless Of The Condition Or Your Financial Situation.

No Waiting, No Hassles, No costs, and No Red Tape!

We are experts in the real estate market We are “not agents therefore there are N0 commissions or fees you have to pay.

We will help to educate you on the matter and give you the best options on selling your house at a fair price.

Real Estate Hub LLC - Cash home buyers Fort Myers FL

We sell houses Too

When you sell us your house, we now have an inventory to put on the
market ,it’s revamped and ready for another family to love your house.
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We are ready to work with you. We buy houses for cash in Lehigh Acres, Florida.

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A few words of appreciation from our clients who experienced our service…

Boy! you guys really reached down to me when I was in that hole, grabbed me by the hand and pulled me up. I avoided foreclosure and saved my credit, all because you wrapped up the purchase of my house within 2 weeks and I walked away with the cash I so badly needed. Thank you.

Terrence B.

Fort Myers FL.
Thank you Denton, for setting up that “terms deal” with the prospective buyer of our house. I still maintain ownership of the house but someone else lives in it and pays the mortgage with the option to purchase it as soon as they are able to get their funding. I no longer have to worry about paying for two mortgages since I had to move so hastily.I am at ease now and living my life with more money to come when i’m cashed-out. I feel like i’m in debt to you. Appreciate!

Maribelle and bill C.

Lehigh Acres
Real Estate Hub LLC - We buy houses in Fort Myers FL

YES , We buy OLD & Ugly Houses for $Cash too

Going through foreclosure? we have experts here to take you through
this very turmulos time in your life. Knowing how difficult the
foreclosure procedure can be, you will need
compassionate and knowledgeable people guiding you through. we will
show you the different ways or terms to sell your house.

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